Important step forwards in explosive detection at airports

Important step forwards in explosive detection at airports

Rob Satink of SG11 explains: ‘Our Delta R OTD concept detects traces of explosives by means of light reflection. We swipe a so-called swab over a surface and feed this to our light sensor which translate the visible into potential traces. Recently we succeeded proving the sensitivity of our sensor can do so within the European standards. Enhanced speed, reduced usage of single-use swabs and a sturdier system provide multiple advantages for airports.’

As well as for SG11, within the company DT-Solutions huge progress is made. Jaap de Rijk informs us on their technique and product Echo X. The current X-ray screening of hold baggage often presents an alarm on items that are not illicit at all. These ‘false alarms’ can be automatically resolved using the Echo X technology for a recheck instead of a manual one. This project allowed our research engineers to perform a couple of realistic and successful tests to demonstrate the operational quality of the technology. This too will enhance the speed of HBS screening greatly.

Satink reveals the upcoming steps for SG11: ‘After the lab-tests of the OTD, we are planning on the construction of a thorough analysis of the current state of both the technology and concept of operation at the intended location. This will provide useful, new insights and allows us to further develop de Delta R OTD.’

For DT-Solution the upcoming steps will be: ‘producing a moveable, mobile version of the current prototype. That will allow us to continue testing, but then at Schiphol with a realistic scenario. This mobile device will then also be brought to test centers authorized to perform tests with actual explosives.’

Geert Boosten points out the unique opportunity for students to tag along and contribute to this project and that the gained insights on the role of security are included in the curriculum. The multidisciplinary character of this project also attracts students from multiple study programmes. This allows the education to remain state of the art and is keeping pace with the developments of the work field.

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