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Who we are

We believe that technological innovations can change the world into safer, more efficient and convenient places. We build products for autonomous detection and identification with our patented Delta R technology, a differential spectroscopy sensor, at the heart of our products.

While doing this, we aim to develop for multiple involved stakeholders, that means we do not only develop on a technical, but also on a social and economic level. Delivering this interconnected solution is our promise to you, a package we proudly call Best 4 Business.

We are a multi-disciplined team, combining experts and talents from various fields such as: research experts, tech-engineers, designers and data-wizards to increase value and find solutions for many challenges in the field. Our drive: Make the difference!

How we do it

Our approach is based on bringing the dynamics of technology, challenges and market characteristics together. Our solutions start with a positive business case in mind and from there on, we design and develop the machine for a perfect fit.

To achieve this perfect fit, we will co-develop with you. We will assess the context and scope, research and test whether our technology indeed provides a positive business case. And when all of that is sounds, we will manufacture your innovative solution and get you going.

Are you interested in developing a Best 4 Business solution to you challenge? In the following Insight ‘Our Approach’ we further specify what you can expect.

What we do

  • Inhouse development

    New innovative solutions based on our own Delta R technology

  • Development with technology partner

    Finding the right technology partner and develop a value proposition for validated security challenge in the market

  • Business development for innovative products

    Serving our customer base with innovative solutions from partners using cross industry opportunities

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