We at Stage Gate 11 specialize in finding solutions for challenges that the security and safety industry faces. To improve efficiency and effectiveness we also co-develop innovative concepts. Currently our focus is on developing the Delta R Shoe Scanner.


Our collection of high-end airport security solutions

Delta R Shoe Scanner AR

Delta R Shoe Scanner ARarrow

Delta R Shoe Scanner

Delta R Shoe Scannerarrow

Delta R Lab Scanner

Delta R Lab Scannerarrow



OTS – Operator Training System (2D)

OTS – Operator Training System (2D)arrow

ProDetect – Computer-based training for CT

ProDetect – Computer-based training for CTarrow

Standard Test Piece

Standard Test Piecearrow

Under development

Developing the next generation

Epsilon M

Epsilon Marrow

Delta R Optical ETD

Delta R Optical ETDarrow

Echo X

Echo Xarrow

Delta R Small Item Scanner

Delta R Small Item Scannerarrow