Stage Gate 11 joins a consortium to innovate Dutch airport security

Michiel Poppink

We are very proud to reveal that our joined proposal has been honored by the R&D Mobility Sectors subsidy scheme in which Stage Gate 11, Schiphol, DT-Solutions and the University of Applied Science of Amsterdam are jointly involved. The coming years these parties will work together combining experience, business, and technology for a huge gain in sustainability, safety and convenience.

Stage Gate 11 joins a consortium to innovate Dutch airport security

Stage Gate 11’s CEO Michiel Poppink explains: ‘It is an honour to work together in this project. We can tailor our high-tech developments of explosive trace detection technology with a scientific approach to meet the specific needs of Schiphol to further improve their security airport system.’

The consortium’s aim

Many events, like the climate crisis, the past pandemic have a huge impact on the aviation industry. In addition to their position as a global transport hub, large international airports such as Schiphol are also a testing ground for technological innovations due to the high concentration of aviation-related activities. The Dutch government sees an obvious necessity to maintain its international competitive position this industry currently possesses. To remain internationally progressive, the aviation ecosystem at Schiphol must developed continuously and this can be achieved by supporting innovation. This subsidy project is specifically granted to promising parties, that, when joining forces, stimulate and contribute each other to achieve innovative success. The aim of this project focusses on technological innovation in the field of:
•  Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
•  Airport security and ground handling
•  Airport systems

Contribution SG11

Stage Gate 11 will contribute with its Delta R technology and contribute to the consortium by the development of the optical trace detection technology and a shoe scanner concept. The joint collective is of great value for the development and implication of the machines and thereby innovation of the complete airport security filter.

Poppink: “We develop a next generation explosive trace detection system. The advantage is that this technology is fast, accurate, contactless, and more robust. Next to that Stage Gate 11 develops the Delta R shoe scanner. Taking off shoes for proper Shoe Explosive Detection (SED) screening is a time-consuming process that often ends with a bad passenger experience. The growing numbers of passengers at airports and ever-increasing legislation will make these problems even bigger. A new method is needed to cope with this growing security challenge. The Delta R Shoe Scanner detects traces of illicit materials on shoes and is specially designed for airport security operations and unregulated security-sensitive spaces.”

Fruitful corporation

We are proud to be joining this consortium and contribute to the safety and sustainability of future airports with our expertise and findings and learn from the other parties. Many parties have great experience in the field of airport security and contribute to the optimalization of our products within the security lane in the field of production, business case, and user experience.

Details of the program

A total of 8 projects received a subsidy from the R&D Mobility Sector and will be involved with this project for the coming 4 years. More information about the subsidy program and an overview of the winning calls can be found on the RVO site link.

BrightSky Consortium 2022
BrightSky Consortium 2022