Computer-based training for 3D systems

The product

Training solution for Cabin Baggage and Hold Baggage screening for CT systems
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Taking operator training to the next level

Our starting point

Taking operator training to the next level

Growing numbers of passengers, numbers of bags, and the shift from 2D to 3D screening technology calls for a new training solution. As there was no computer-based training solution for CT available on the market, operators are currently trained by emulators from the vendors. Emulators allow for some basic instruction but still don’t provide the preferred educational backbone, making it hard for operators to truly understand what threats they are looking for.

Stage Gate 11 offers a customised, state of the art 3D training software through proprietary partners. Using the power of technology, the software enables trainers and users to enhance their security operator skills. Images are simulating the exact graphical user interface of most CT vendors. The computer-based training can be supplemented with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED)-assembly software and a pre-employment assessment.

The Product

Interactive operator training solution
  • Computer Based Training for 3D

    This CBT solution provides users with the knowledge to screen effectively and efficiently on 3D images.

  • IED Assembly Software

    Interactive IED recognition, supported by an optional IED assembly software kit. The trainee is taught to recognise different IED components supported by real images.

  • Future Proof

    Images from the library can be updated periodically ensuring training on current threats.

  • Graphical user interface from multiple vendors available

    This training supports several CT systems as the graphical user interface is close to identical.

  • Live Feed Library

    All images are captured from a real database ensuring the images project real scenarios.

  • Adjustable Library Levels

    The type of images displayed can be altered based on the needs of the trainee creating different levels in difficulty.

The Product Interactive operator training solution

The Statistics

ProDetect is the solution for training operators during CT implementation
  • Supported by TSA
  • Based on two decades of aviation security research

Graphical user interface of multiple vendors available

Graphical user interface of multiple vendors available

Future proof

Future proof

Security solution by

Security solution by