Epsilon M

Epsilon M

Metal Particle Identifier

The product

Composition analysis of metal in a continuous flow
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Cost saving through fast metal content analysis
Epsilon M

Our Starting Point

Cost saving through fast metal content analysis

In a world where recycling is of increased importance Stage Gate 11 focusses on composition analysis with their hyperspectral imaging technology. The recycling process of metal is quite efficient already but the remainder, non-ferro, which is reintegrated in our environment is still filled with unidentified diverse flakes of metal (non-ferro) which account for loss of quality in the recycled material or might be hazardous for the environment. By means of UV spectroscopy the Epsilon M is able to detect and classify the presented matter with high throughput and without direct contact. With the acquired data other sorting mechanisms can be actuated, or accurate reports on the composition of the non-ferro can be drawn. The Epsilon M improves the yield with better margins, higher volumes of sorted non-ferro and higher quality for purified secondary building metals.

Hyper spectral imaging concept

Metal composition uncovered
  • Higher margins on non-ferro

    With this automated unit more sorted yield can be retrieved, when the data is used for sorting the non-ferro can be retrieved and eventually sold.

  • Accurate Results

    Compared to the selective analysis of similar devices, the Epsilon allows for complete analysis of the entire belt. Combined with the large database, provides for highly accurate results.

  • Autonomous Operation

    Situated above a waste stream belt the Epsilon M can collect data without the need of manual interference.

  • Non-invasive

    There is no direct interference with the bottom-ash or flow of material and does not affect or obstruct the throughput.

  • Improved Process Control

    The Epsilon M scans all available non-ferro and not only samples, giving the most accurate data. Higher volume of sorted non-ferro and all automatically.

  • Fast Analysis

    Without direct contact and with a high throughput the Epsilon M scans whatever is presented on a belt and smart algortihms allow for quick classificaton.

Hyper spectral imaging concept Metal composition uncovered

The Statistics

Epsilon M for fast composition analysis to improve quality
  • Fast and accurate composition analysis
  • Improved process control
  • Higher yield
  • Non-invasive

Improve sorted yield of non-ferro

Improve sorted yield of non-ferro