Our Approach in Detail

Michiel Poppink

While we have the technology and finished products available, we believe greater value can be achieved by a tailor made solution. We therefore proceed as a project, meaning we collaborate and cocreate. Our projects are divided into three stages. We aimed to describe this as as generic as possible, so you know what to expect. Will you reach out if you need more or tailored information?

Our Approach in Detail

The three different phases are explained in the image below. As you can see, three phases required to make the collaboration a success.

Assessment Phase

To find out whether we are a fit (technology wise) and to get started on the research we need some information from you first. We will have some exploratory conversations and perform literary research. Our motto is: measuring is knowing. Based on samples you provide we do tests to see if our sensor can detect a unique signal. We capture our findings in a compact report and discuss the next steps with you.

Proof of Concept

This phase will be more hands on. We will perform tests with your desired material and within context of the challenge with our test setup. Then we set the parameters and requirements for the to-be designed product. We finish this phase up with a critical review and discuss the details. When all is well, we head to the development phase.


Development Phase

This is where we develop the algorithm, and further elaborate on technical features of the the machine. This is also the final step before we start the actual production.

Once the product is delivered and finished we provide you with service and support as long as required.