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Quinten van Leeuwerden

At Stage Gate 11, innovation and security go hand in hand. Our latest intern, Quinten van Leeuwerden, embarked on a fascinating journey to assess the potential of the Small Item Scanner (SIS) – a groundbreaking innovation designed to identify small objects that may contain explosives or hazardous substances. This device has the potential to revolutionize security screening processes, but its integration into our operations required meticulous evaluation. Quinten's internship project aimed to provide the vital groundwork necessary for Stage Gate 11 to make informed decisions regarding the SIS.

Internship Quinten


Stage Gate 11 introduced the Small Item Scanner (SIS) with the intention of enhancing security by means of quick analysis on high-touch items. Items like phones, wallets and keys that may contain traces of explosives or hazardous substances. Still, a comprehensive evaluation of its impact on the recheck process was essential before proceeding with a full-scale implementation.
Quinten’s primary objective was to conduct a thorough analysis through a Concept of Operations (CONOPS), engage in insightful stakeholder interviews, and examine existing regulations relating to aviation security and data privacy. This groundwork was essential for shaping an implementation plan that ensures the seamless integration of the SIS.

Perspectives of the SIS

Quinten’s research highlighted the importance of considering the specific operational context when evaluating the feasibility and benefits of the SIS. According to the stakeholders from within the aviation sector, it was evident that, as a standalone device, the SIS was not perceived to provide significant added value. However, a promising option that emerged from the interviews was the consideration of a combined unit, integrating the SIS with the Optical Trace Detector (OTD) system or utilizing it for staff entrance screenings.

In contrast, the non-aviation sector showed a more positive view towards the SIS. The potential to streamline operations by reducing the reliance on staff, particularly for tasks involving item inspection has been recognized. Additionally, the perspective of using the SIS for detecting both explosives and narcotics added further value, making it a valuable asset for security and safety purposes. To capitalize on this opportunity, further research and collaboration with, for example, border control agencies, should be undertaken to explore the applicability of the SIS in various security scenarios outside the aviation sector.

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This research has resulted in a more precise characterization of the prototype version of the SIS. The SIS has shown promising capabilities, but further development and refinement are necessary to ensure the optimal performance and accuracy. Before implementation, it is essential for the SIS to undergo testing and certification to meet the necessary regulatory requirements, standards and therefore to prove itself.
While the SIS shows great potential, its introduction into the aviation sector necessitates careful consideration and communication between Stage Gate 11 and aviation stakeholders to assess compatibility, operational feasibility, and its potential impact on existing security measures.

Internship at SG11

I am extremely grateful that I have been given the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge I have gained during the last four years of my study. Above all, I am grateful for the experience gained within Stage Gate 11, which has given me a good idea of working in an organization.
For the progress and guidance of my graduation, I must express my deepest appreciation to Rob Satink. Partly due to his guidance and ideas, this research has been successfully completed. Besides, a huge gratitude must be expressed to all the employees within Stage Gate 11 who have helped with the successful completion of this research. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisors from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Catya Zuniga Alcaraz and Sersinho Gardt. Their experiences and tips made sure I kept my focus on the goal of this project.

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