First delivery of Delta R sensor

Mariska Huis

Last June the first Delta R sensor is delivered to the research lectorate Advanced Forensic Technology (AFT), to further support research after the Delta R technology. The instrument is financed by the Dutch Police Academy, with whom AFT forms a joined lectorate.

First delivery of Delta R sensor

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Detecting illicit trace material

Throughout the years the Saxion University of Applied Sciences has been a reliable partner to SG11 in the development the Delta R technology. Many Saxion student have already contributed to the development through their research activities. SG11 values this fruitful cooperation, thus delivering an instrument to the university, to accelerate and ease further research seemed a logical step.


Researchers of the lectorate and forensic science students will use the Delta R instrument for research after the capabilities and opportunities. Of the multiple topics, detection of pyrotechnics and narcotics in mail will be key interest.

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For Football Clubs, supporters carrying fireworks into the stadium are a huge problem. Besides the safety issues that arise there is a financial impact as the clubs are fined by the national football association for firework related incidents. Dealing with large crowds in tight spaces limits in a short amount of time, calls for a technology that can operate standoff and autonomous.


In nature, the Delta R technology holds these characteristics. Together with the Dutch Police Academy and Saxion, detection capability on pyrotechnics is developed, parallel to the research after the optimal scanning process and design (e.g. screening visitor passes, as a hand scanner, and so on).


For Dutch Customs, finding narcotics hidden in mail in- and outbound of the country is a daily business. The search is extremely labour intensive with most of the detection requiring an operator somewhere in the process. Equipment deployed in a standoff and automated fashion is therefore a welcome guest.


In the past SG11 already completed a project with Dutch Customs after detection of narcotics in mail and parcels with very promising results. With the help of Saxion students, the objective is to continue the development for this industry.


Curious as we are SG11 will continue the search to find opportunities where the Delta R technology can be of a service. Of course, teamwork is key and therefore we are always interested in hearing about your stories, ideas, or proposals.

Mariska Huis

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