Stage gate 11 | How does Delta R technology work?
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How does delta r® technology work?

To put it simply, we measure the difference between the reflected light from two different areas on a surface. After subtracting the signal collected from the two different areas, we compare the difference to a library using our proprietary algorithm. Since each substance has its own unique pattern, chemicals of interest on surfaces can be identified by this method.

This patented technology is based on differential reflection spectroscopy. We use a broadband ultraviolet light source to illuminate the surface to be scanned. Then the reflected light is collected by a mirror before being directed into an imaging spectrograph. The optical signal is captured by a digital sensor, which translates the reflected light signal into binary information package, which is then analyzed by a computer, using the Delta R® proprietary algorithm. The results are presented in the form of a visual and audio digital format. This can be used as-is or fed into existing airport infrastructure.

Key specifications
  • Technology: ultraviolet spectroscopy
  • Detection technique: differential reflectometry
  • Trace detection: nanogram range
  • Detection time: 3 sec, typical scan time
What is the sensitivity of the system?

The system is based on differential reflectometry (also known as differential reflection spectroscopy), a surface investigative technique. The current design is set to detect in the lower nanogram region.

Do lighting conditions affect the sensitivity?

No. As the technology is based on differential measurements, sunlight or ambient light does not impact the detection method.

Does the system require consumables?

No, the system doesn’t require any consumables.

Do large quantities of substances have a negative effect on machine operations?

No, large quantities are also easily detected.

How much substances are available in the library?

Since the development of Delta R® we have included the essential illicit materials in the library. Continuing development will lead towards a wider range of materials available. Materials can be added based on customer request.

What’s your Business solution

Curious what the Delta R® technology can do for your airport security department? To help you answer that question, we offer you a free of charge (data) analysis of your current operation. Please fill in the quickscan questionnaire to get your analysis. Based on this assessment, Stage Gate 11 will provide you a document describing the impact of the Delta R® scanner. This will help you build your business solution.

If you are interested in other applications of the Delta R technology, please send us your contact information for more information.