Joint Transceiver System (JTS) - Stage Gate 11
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Joint Transceiver System (JTS)

Divest time: The challenge for security checkpoint performance monitoring.

With the continuous extension of security measures within the passenger security checkpoint, throughput and passenger experience are becoming increasingly important to airports. To determine this influence, insight in performance of the entire security checkpoint is key.

To get a complete insight in security checkpoint performance is quite a challenge, though. Nowadays, lots of screening devices can provide relevant data in terms of passenger and/or baggage throughput. Even queuing time can be measured accurately. However, divest time is the missing link between queuing and the actual security process.

divest time

Our solution

The Joint Transceiver System (JTS) measures divest time of all passengers. Detailed information on divest time helps you to get a complete insight in security checkpoint performance.

The JTS is a combination of sensor hardware and software able to track objects and classify them. Real time and at your desk!

Our approach

In three phases, SG11 sets up the system, capture data for four weeks and provide you a thorough data analysis. Curious what the JTS can do for your security checkpoint performance monitoring? Please contact us for more information.