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Delta R Shoe Scanner

Airport security challenge

In this fast growing world of aviation, the requirements for the airport security industry are challenging; new regulations, more passengers, ageing population, new technology, less space and a strong call for further improvement of the hospitality services.

To screen shoes for explosives, passengers currently need to take their shoes off in security lanes. This operation requires space and time, thus resulting in obstructions and a bottleneck in security lanes. In addition, growing queues and long wait times adds to a poor customer experience.

The solution

Our product, the Delta R® shoe scanner, detects traces of explosives on shoes and is specially designed for airport security operations. The scanner is easy to install, works on a high throughput basis, doesn’t require extra staff and is accurate. Moreover, it fits in the hospitality approach of airports. So there is no need for passengers to take off their shoes anymore!

The Delta R® shoe scanner improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your security lanes.
shoe scanner chart


The Delta R® scanner is easy to install in existing security infrastructure. It can scan 100% of the shoes at high speed for trace quantities of a broad range of explosives at a low false alarm rate, without the need of human interactions.


H 80 cm
Ø 30 cm

How does the scanner operate in your security lanes?

Passengers in your security filter walk up to the shoe scanner and the scanner instantly checks the shoes for traces of explosives. No need to ask the people to take off their shoes and no obstruction in the security lane. Just stand in front of the scanner and walk by. That’s it and that is how easy it works.

How does the technology work?

To put it simply, we measure the difference between the reflected light from two different areas on a surface. After subtracting the signal collected from the two different areas, we compare the difference to a library using our proprietary algorithm. Since each substance has its own unique pattern, chemicals of interest on surfaces can be identified by this method. For more background information, please check our Delta R® technology page.

What’s your business solution?

Curious what the Delta R® technology can do for your airport security department? To help you answer that question, we offer you a free of charge (data) analysis of your current operation. Please fill in the quickscan questionnaire to get your analysis. Based on this assessment, Stage Gate 11 will provide you a document describing the impact of the Delta R® scanner. This will help you build your business solution.

If you are interested in other uses of the Delta R technology, please send us your contact information for more information.