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Delta R Parcel Scanner

The challenge for customs

Online orders are boosting the parcel market and the importance of security screening becomes even more critical. Checking all parcels with current X-Ray technology is simply too slow and hiring more staff is too expensive and too cumbersome. Quite often parcels are only checked randomly or dependent on the staff picking suspicious packages, resulting in a low screening rate.

The solution

Our product, the Delta R® parcel scanner, screens 100% of parcels for illicit materials at high speed, without the need of human interaction. The scanner is easy to install, works on a high throughput basis, doesn’t require extra staff, is accurate and doesn’t frustrate logistics.

The Delta R® parcel scanner improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your logistics.
parcel scanner chart

About the delta r® parcel scanner

The Delta R® parcel scanner is easy to install in existing security infrastructure. It can scan 100% of the shoes at high speed for trace quantities of a broad range of explosives at a low false alarm rate, without the need of human interactions.

How does the scanner operate in your logistics center?

The Delta R® parcel scanner is positioned next to the conveyor, which moves parcels in distribution centers. At a speed of 0.3 meter per second, all parcels are screened for traces of illicit materials. Based on your strategy the indication of illicit materials could set off an alarm or a diverter could redirect the parcel to a designated area for further inspection.

How does the technology work?

To put it simply, we measure the difference between the reflected light from two different areas on a surface. After subtracting the signal collected from the two different areas, we compare the difference to a library using our proprietary algorithm. Since each substance has its own unique pattern, chemicals of interest on surfaces can be identified by this method. Read more for more detailed information about Delta R® technology.

What’s your business solution?

Curious what the Delta R® technology can do for your business? Please contact us for more information.