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About us

Stage Gate 11

Stage Gate 11 is a technology incubator based at Schiphol in the Netherlands. SG11’s primarily focuses on the security and safety industry. Through its extensive network SG11 is able to find solutions for a lot of challenges related to security and safety. SG11 helps commercialize innovative technologies and products by providing a complete guidance and development program. The extensive network includes: technology companies, technical universities, governmental agencies and research centers.

Our team

The dedicated individuals of our SG11 team have worked in the security and technology domain for many years as consultants, development managers and entrepreneurs. The management of SG11 consists of industry expert Gunther van Adrichem and two business builders; Wil Ruijsbroek and Michiel Poppink. Gunther van Adrichem used to manage the R&D security division of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Gunther van Adrichem


To call Gunther a geek is an understatement. As a young guy he loved to work at with all the machines at his dad’s greenhouse, take them apart and put them together afterwards.

After graduating from the university of applied science he worked in the construction industry. He moved to Schiphol to start at the real estate department. After his first project for the security department, they insisted that he should stay. It opened the opportunity to combine his talents for constructing, project management and technology. His crown jewel project was the co-development and introduction of the Provision body scanner, which was deployed on a global scale.

Michiel Poppink

Sales & Marketing

Michiel started his career at Randstad Staffing Service. Michiel was fascinated how to differentiate his service from the competition which started his passion for innovation, sales and marketing.

In 1999, he started a company and took a patented process to the market. In 2005, he worked for a governmental platform to stimulate innovation for SME’s with a focus on building bridges between big organisations/ multinationals and innovative companies.

He was the co-founder of the European First Responder Innovation Managers platform, improving the innovation capacities of first responders in Europe.

At Stage Gate 11 Michiel loves to work on the funding, commercial and marketing side of the company.

Wil Ruijsbroek


Wil graduated from the university of applied science as an industrial engineer. He started his career at Randstad Staffing Service. After his time at Randstad, he worked for Syntens, the innovation foundation of The Netherlands. He further developed his innovation and consultancy skills, which he used to start his consultancy firm  I Will.

For years, he helped entrepreneurs with growing their business. He combined working as a business and innovation consultant with working on advisory boards and as program manager at the Research Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation. He developed programs of entrepreneurship and innovation as it is taught to date. At Stage Gate 11 he takes care of the organizational and financial tasks.

Thomas Hof

Security Engineer

Thomas has always had a fascination for technology and studying in the engineering field has only enhanced that. He enjoys investigating new technologies to discover the possibilities and what could be achieved. For this reason working on advanced technology at the Delta R® technology hits close to home for him.

Cover photo taken by Franklin Heijnen. Original on Flickr.