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Stage Gate 11 is a Schiphol based technology company. We co-develop innovative concepts to improve the performance of logistic- and airport security.
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Stage Gate 11


Stage Gate 11 (SG11) is a Schiphol based technology company, focusing on improving performance of logistic- and airport security. Based on data analysis, legislation, operations and a strong business model, we co-develop innovative concepts based on patented technology with our partners like Dutch Customs, top 10 European airports and a Police Academy.



SG11 is currently developing the Delta R® shoe scanner for airport security, which can detect explosives. With this standoff technique, high throughput and accurate technology airports can improve their screening process, cut on costs and deliver customer-friendly service to airport passengers. Furthermore, cargo and parcel screening are being developed as well.

Meet our team

Gunther van Adrichem


Michiel Poppink

Sales & Marketing

Wil Ruijsbroek


Thomas Hof

Security Engineer

our partners

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